Journaling Out Loud: A Peak Into My Daily Journal

I have been looking at blank pages for weeks, unable to decide what to write about. There has been so much on my mind lately that I haven’t been able to form a post on just one topic. So many things seemed way to important, but in the same breath so many seemed insignificant. What […]

What Is Your Calling?

Do you believe that everyone has a calling? What even is a calling? The Webster Dictionary defines it as; “a strong inner impulse towards a particular course of action, especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence”. Wow, that seems pretty intense. The whole thought of having just one particular thing that I am all-consumed, […]

Learning to Dream

I have a very vivid imagination. As a child, I was able to occupy my time for hours playing games of make-believe. I was a princess of a mystical land, a safari guide in Africa, a scientist that had discovered the cure for cancer, or a world class gymnast. The list was endless. I dreamed […]

Lessons Learned While Running

I may not look like your typical runner, but it is something that I have grown to love. I appreciate the effort that my body has to give in order to carry myself through every step. The euphoric feeling that comes after a long run is like no other. Running is not only good for […]

When I reached for a hand, I found your paw.

Animals are the BEST! Seriously, I have an absolute love for all of them. In fact, I have been known to drag people to zoo’s with me. I have easily visited animal retreats and zoo’s in over 20 states. It is just my thing. Let me tell you about one of my absolute favorite animals. […]

The Journey Back to Me.

As I am approaching a very big milestone, I feel compelled to tell you all a part of my story.  It’s a story of growth, discovery, and self-love.  A journey on how I stopped being a victim and started being brave. It’s a woman’s path towards living intentionally and boldly with a passion for life.  […]

Adventures of Dating in a Modern World

As I have previously mentioned, I am exceptionally single.  Trust me, it is not for the lack of trying.  God has just not given me that special person yet.  I have had a few close calls with a ton of potential. They had intense connections and solid relationships either established or in the works.  It […]

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