Animals are the BEST! Seriously, I have an absolute love for all of them. In fact, I have been known to drag people to zoo’s with me. I have easily visited animal retreats and zoo’s in over 20 states. It is just my thing.

Let me tell you about one of my absolute favorite animals. Man’s (or woman’s) best friend, the dog. I may be a bit biased because I do own 3 of the very best pups around, but it just doesn’t get much better than a dog’s love. They are one of the only things on this earth (besides God, Himself) that loves you more than they love themselves. Their love is complete and unconditional. There is nobody happier than a dog when their person has just walked in the door.

My dogs have personally helped me travel through troubled waters. They each have their own story which I can share at a later time. These little loves were given to me as a gift from God to remind me that I am not alone. There have been so many tears cried into their little necks, extra snuggles when I have been sick, and endless amounts of laughter from their quirky personalities.

In today’s blog, I am going to take some time to tell you a few stories about my furry children. All three have very different, very big personalities. It is hard to just pick a few stories because they truly are so entertaining. I hope you all enjoy this glimpse into the life of my dogs.

Minnie- The black and white dachshund

I am going to begin with my first pup, Minnie. She is this sassy and crazy smart Piebald Dachshund. This little girl truly rules the house, as any queen should.

Little Minnie

Minnie is a sock hoarder. She doesn’t eat them or tear them up, but if a sock is left out it becomes her property! I discovered this sock obsession when she was almost a year old. I went into my sock drawer trying to find a matching pair, and there were none! I searched everywhere and ended up wearing mismatched socks for weeks. Unsure of what on earth had happened, I assumed the laundry mat machines were eating them. It was not until one day when I had just gotten home from the gym and had stripped off my shoes and socks, that I figured it all out. This black and white streak rushed out from hiding, stole my socks, and sprinted back to her secret place. This is when I followed her under the bed to find every sock I had ever lost. The little sock bandit was caught! She was literally sitting in the middle of her loot looking very proud of her treasures. To this day (she is now almost 10 years old!), I still have to watch where I take my socks off at.

Patton- The red dachshund

Patton is the main man in my life. This little red bundle of joy had a rough start to life. He was the little reject puppy that I bought out of the back of a pickup truck in a Walmart parking lot. Patton was severely malnourished and practically on his death bed. This sweet boy was a fighter, though. Several antibiotics, lots of food, and endless amounts of love made him as good as new. His tough start did leave him with some funny quirks. The poor thing can’t see very well in the dark and will often run into things if the lights are off, but don’t feel sorry for him! What he lacks in vision he more than makes up for everywhere else.

Patton is a permanent puppy. He just wants to be snuggled at all times and is happiest under blankets in your lap. However, the story I will tell you about him is far from this seemingly sweet little dog. Patton is a serial killer. Trust me, I wish I was kidding. This little 10 lb dog is a top notch hunter. It all started with the birds. At first it was one a week, then it quickly multiplied and I was having almost one a day! I had to move all bird feeders out of the back yard to try and save my flying friends. Of course, after I removed the birds from the equation, he had to find another outlet. This rascal has caught squirrels, chipmunks, and moles. Oh, but he did not stop with the small creatures. Last summer, he began his big hunt. This tiny little dog managed to catch a opossum that was easily 3 times his size! After he caught it, he started howling so loud that I was sure he was hurt. I ran outside in a panic (not yet knowing what he had done) only to find him celebrating his catch. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this dog, he was singing for joy. The next day, I had to call a neighbor over to help me get rid of his little prize.

Dixie- The Blue Merle Great Dane

Disclaimer- I absolutely adore ALL of my dogs, Dixie and I just have a very special connection.

God just knows when you need a best friend, and that is exactly what he gave me when Dixie came into my life. I have never had a connection with another animal like I do with this dog. She came to me exactly when I needed her. This dog reads all of my emotions. She knows when I am stressed or when I am sad, and immediately comes to calm me down. She has the sweetest disposition and is absolutely wonderful with her “little” siblings. I truly believe that this gentle giant is my doggy soul mate. I was fortunate enough to be able to take this pup just about everywhere with me when she was young. We lived in a state that was extremely dog friendly and I was even able to take her to work with me while she was potty training. As you can imagine, this meant that we have spent tons of time together. There are so many funny moments that I can share with you about Dixie, and here is one of my favorites.

Dixie’s Easter Portrait

Dixie absolutely hates getting her nails trimmed. I have no clue as to why, she has never had a traumatic experience while getting them cut. A few years ago, we arrived at PetSmart for her appointment. She was ecstatic to be there and explore the store. However, when we turned towards the grooming station she refused to go near the door. Dixie looked just like Marmaduke in one of his famous comics. She splayed her legs out blocking the door frame. When I finally was able to peel her off of the door, this crazy girl turns around and jumps into my arms like a toddler. All of a sudden, I am clumsily walking into the groomers carrying a 125 lb child. Now, this couldn’t have happened while the store wasn’t busy. Oh no, they were having a special holiday sale and were absolutely packed. I am sure you can only imagine the stares and laughter than ensued from people watching our entire ordeal.

Now that you have had an introduction to my favorite little four legged friends, I am sure you can understand my obsession with them. I hope that you enjoyed reading this. I promise to occasionally post more of their crazy adventures. Trust me, I have tons! These three always keep me on my toes.

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Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Kimberly. I am a single, Christian, dog mom of 3. Living my life trying to be the best version of myself and the person that God created me to be. A few of my favorite things include French Macarons, Disney World, Chicago Cubs baseball, and all things Christmas. It's lovely to meet you and I hope that we will become life-long friends!

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